In memory to Václav Havel

"Let's learn to listen to Romani people, to understand them, let's abandon the conviction that we, as the majority in this society, set the standard for all values and that our way of life and the values that we profess are the norm for everyone. The coexistence of all the nationalities in one state naturally is conditioned by their mutual adaptation to the generally applicable civic norms. However, that in no way prevents the further development of the cultural and linguistic heritage of a minority that enriches all of society. The quality of our relationship toward ethnic minorities, toward those whom we feel are different, is the measure of the quality of our civic awareness."

Václav Havel

Speech on the occasion of the unveiling of the memorial to the victims at the site of the former Roma internment camp at Lety by Písek, Czech Republic, 13 May 1995

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