This Rain Will Never Stop

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Alina Gorlova
Ukraine, Iraq, Germany, Syria, Kurdistan

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This Rain Will Never Stop




Alina Gorlova’s film introduces us to the tumultuous destiny of the Suleyman family which, as it fled the Syrian Civil War, was forced to spread in different corners of Europe. The movie focuses mostly on the life of Andriy, who now lives with a part of his family in Ukraine, where he works as a Red Cross volunteer. His dream of living a normal life is alas abruptly ended by the local reality: Andriy now has to face a new war, this time in the host country. The movie follows Andriy in his peregrinations – from Ukraine to Germany, in Iraq, and once again in Syria, in perpetual wandering, as each country he passes through only deepens his feeling of alienation. Andriy thus represents an unfortunate link between various territories and war-torn communities. Non-narrative inserts are woven into the storyline of his journeys: fragments from military celebrations, parties, or humanitarian endeavours, which evoke a reality marked by contradictions, tensions, and instability. Structured into chapters which unfold as a countdown, the film seems to anticipate an imminent disaster. It unnoticeably transcends the personal stories of the protagonists and becomes some sort of global meta-analysis of war’s cyclical nature and absurdity, and the dislocation of the vulnerable. (Monica Stan)

* Q&A after the screening - Flavius ​​Ilioni Loga (LOGS president)

awards and festivals

Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2021 - Current Time Award
Las Palmas International Film Festival 2021 - Golden Lady Harimaguada Award
goEast 2021 - Golden Lily Award for Best Film
IceDocs – Iceland Documentary Film Festival 2021 - Main Competition Won: Main Award
El Gouna Film Festival 2021 - Special Mention
Cork International Film Festival 2021 - Cinematic Documentary Competition - Best Film
Beldocs 2021 - International Competition Won: Main Award
Black Canvas – Festival for Contemporary Cinema, Mexico 2021 - Best Cinematography
True/False 2021
DOK.fest München 2021
Docaviv – Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival 2021
West Lake International Documentary Festival, China 2021
Duhok International Film Festival, Iran 2021
Cámara Lúcida Ecuador 2021
RIDM Canada 2021
FIDBA International Documentary Film Festival 2021
Denver Film Festival 2021
DOCUMENTARIST – Istanbul Documentary Days 2021
Durban International Film Festival 2021
Melbourne International Film Festival 2021
Odessa International Film Festival 2021
Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2021
IDFA 2020 - IDFA Award for Best First Appearance
Festival Dei Popoli 2020 - Best Feature Length
One World Czech Republic 2020 - Main Jury Prize


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