Safety measures

Film screenings and physical events will take place EXCLUSIVELY in OUTDOOR spaces.


All events will take place in accordance with the health measures imposed by the authorities, which will be mandatory for both audience and team members, in order to protect the health of everybody.


All those involved (audience, team members and service providers) will assume the risks resulting from participating in the festival.


We count on everyone's support to follow the rules and create a pleasant and safe environment for everybody.



·      Doors open 60 minutes before the beginning of the events. Please arrive at least 30 minutes in advance to avoid queues and congestion.


·      During access, the participants will have to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between them.


·      Each participant will go through the temperature check filter located at the entrance to the premises.


·      Each participant will have to wear a face mask (medical or non-medical) during access and during the whole event.


·      People who refuse to have their temperature checked or refuse to wear a face mask will not be allowed to enter. Under these conditions, the purchased ticket will not be reimbursed.


·      It will not be allowed the access of people who have symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhea, altered general condition), nor of those who have a measured body temperature higher than 37.3 ° C. If the recorded temperature exceeds 37.3 ° C, it will be measured again one more time, after 2-5 minutes. In this situation we will reimburse the tickets. 



·      Public access is allowed only with a face mask (medical or non-medical) throughout the whole event. Upon request, the organizers will provide disposable medical masks.


·      For an effective protection, the mask should cover both mouth and nose.


·      Participants will disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer, provided by the organizers at the entrance to the venues.


·      In the Verde Stop Arena location, each ticket indicates a circled area which allows a maximum of 4 people. Leaving the allocated area (circle) can only be done in the following situations: food supply from the food trucks area, drink supply from the bar area, going to the toilet or medical emergency.


·      On other festival venues the public will sit on chairs, and the physical distance between chairs will be of 2 m. The rule does not apply to people who bought combo tickets for 2 or 4 and came together, they can seat next to each other. Participants are asked not to occupy the seats intended for couples or for groups if they have single tickets.


·      It is not permitted to change the position of the chairs.


·      In all waiting areas from all locations participants will keep a distance of at least 2 meters.


·      Chairs, tables, toilets and all surfaces will be disinfected after each event.


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The festival was created in 2008 by the: Czech Center Bucharest

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