OWR #13: itís finally happening!

OWR #13: itís finally happening!

27 July
The constant efforts made during the previous months by the festival team and partners are finally rewarded, as we can officially announce the fact that the 13th edition of One World Romania will take place both physically and online between the 21st and the 30th of August. 
At the core of this new edition is the Man without any clear identity in the eyes of the majority, neither rural nor urban - in short, the foreigner, the minority, the margin, the periphery, everything that is not included in that said majority. Depending on the context, it can be a Roma, as well as a homosexual, an economically disadvantaged person or a refugee or immigrant. The majority of the films featuring in the initial program will be screened at one of our six outdoor locations: Verde Stop Arena, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Institutul Balassi - Institutul Maghiar din București, Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Mercato Kultur, Rezidența BRD Scena9 and Manasia Hub. The screenings will take place in the evening and concomitantly in all the above-mentioned spaces.


The films form the main competition, which will offer a panoramic view of contemporary documentary cinema in its most formally and conceptually ambitious hypostasis and which will be evaluated for the first time by a jury formed of Romanian and international professionals, will be screened every night at Contego - The Coffee Factory. This location will also be the nucleus of the 13th edition of the festival, as every day we will meet the special guests of the festival there over coffee.


The main section of this yearís edition, titled Love Thy Neighbor will center on the Roma minority, on a special occasion that will remain in the Romanian history of mentalities: finally, those who have freed themselves from prejudice against the Roma people have outnumbered the ones that still do not accept them as their equals in society. The twelve films will be screened at Verde Stop Arena, and every night will close with a special event in relation to the central theme.

All events will happen in conformity with the health measures imposed by the authorities, which will be compulsory both for the team and for the spectators, in order to protect everybodyís health.

All the films will also be available online, on the festival's website and on the Eventbook platform for the entire duration of the festival.

We will soon announce the final program, and then put the tickets and subscriptions back on sale. Meanwhile, on the festivalís website you can find all the details regarding the filmsthe categories (justice, feminism, the political dimension of intimacy, etc) and about the filmmakers we will celebrate during this yearís edition - such as Ross McElwee and Chantal Akerman, to whom we dedicate two retrospectives.

Therefore, forget summer end nostalgia, because this year the last days of august will rhyme with film screenings, enthusiastical debates and the emotional reunion with you, our audience, after such a long separation.

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