The Waiting Room  Claire Atherton on Chantal Akerman

The Waiting Room Claire Atherton on Chantal Akerman

18 June

On Friday, the 19th of June, at 8.00 PM (Romanian time, GMT+2), we invite you to meet a special guest of the next edition of the One World Romania festival, which will take place between the 21st and the 30th of August: the editor Claire Atherton. She was the most loyal collaborator of Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman, to whom we will dedicate a retrospective during OWR13.

Our talk with Claire Atherton will focus on her unique personal and creative relationship with Akerman, as well as on the rest of her work, and especially on the film “All children except one” (“Tous les enfants sauf un”), directed by Noëlle Pujol and Andreas Bolm. This documentary from 2008 particularizes the brutal acknowledgement of the individual’s loneliness in the face of death through the experience of a group of children living in the Great Hungarian Plain.

Right before the discussion, from 5.30 PM (Romanian time, GMT+2), we will live stream “All children except one” on our facebook page. Afterwards, from 6.30 PM (Romanian time, GMT+2), you will have the possibility to watch one of Chantal Akerman’s films that has a special resonance with the present American and global situation, called “South”. This poetic and political documentary explores the way in which a vicious murder - the lynching of an African-American by three young white people in the south of the United States - is inscribed in both the natural and psychological landscape of the area and of the inhabitants, and burdens them all with the weight of violence, death and history.

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In order to actively participate to the live discussion with Claire Atherton, please access the following link between 7.40 PM and 7.50 PM (Romanian time, GMT+2):

Chantal Akerman is one of the main figures of the so-called slow cinema or, as other theorists call it, cinematic hyperrealism. But none of these concepts do justice to her work, which comprises both fictions and documentaries, both plunges in her most intimate spaces - such as the relationship with her mother or her Jewish identity - and fierce feminist manifestos, both intricate narratives and radical experimentations with filmic form and duration. Her entire cinema militates against reducing the individual to a series of traits and tasks that are imposed on one by society, and this refusal is expressed precisely by the meticulous and empathic observation of human complexity that she shows throughout her movies.Starting with the mid-80’s, the editor Claire Atherton contributed to the shaping of her cinematic universe. Among the films they made together are “From East” (1993), “South” (1999), “The Captive” (2000), “Down There” (2006) and “No Home Movie” (2015).

Claire Atherton grew up in New York, with her American father and her mother of Romanian origins and went to France to study Oriental civilization. Later, she attended the prestigious Louis Lumičre National School. She met Chantal Akerman at a theater performance, which actress Delphine Seyrig (who starred in Akerman’s best known film, “Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles”) had asked both of them to film. This was the beginning of a fertile collaboration, first as an director of photography and then as an editor, which lasted over 30 years and included fictions, documentaries and video installations. Apart from her activity with Akerman, Claire Atherton has worked alongside many original voices from French and international independent cinema, such as Noëlle Pujol, Andreas Bolm or Emilio Pacull.

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