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KINEDOK  is a program which promotes documentary cinema in unconventional locations and it is organized in seven partner countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Norway, Bulgaria, and Romania.

A common catalogue of films is created, where each partner country contributes with some of the most interesting documentaries produced in recent years, which end up being screened throughout the year in hundreds of locations in all seven territories, generating an impressive viewer community. An important objective of the project is to diversify and extend the distribution chain beyond traditional cinemas, by organizing screenings in any space that has the potential of turning a film into a community experience (galleries, museums, bars, public libraries, cultural centers etc.). The cinematic experience is enhanced through discussions with filmmakers, producers, protagonists and experts on issues generated by the films, consequently encouraging social dialogue and developing an active viewer community.

Each edition of KineDok brings to the audience’s attention a new selection of documentary films of significant impact, as well as an online catalogue with documentaries from the previous editions, which will be available on .

During the 14th edition of the festival KineDok organizes three special events:

The official opening of KineDok’s 7th edition will entail a special screening of the film Ziua Femeii / Women’s Day (dir. Dolya Gavanski, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, 2019, 85 min). The film tells the astounding stories of women born in the USSR - pioneers and survivors - whose testimony reveals their experience from the 1917 Revolution to the present day. Intimate, surprising, funny, painful and contradictory - Women’s Day explores the lives of women living through a convulsive era of historical and social change and offers a unique perspective on Russian feminism. 

Debate – “Raising the social impact of documentary cinema and promoting the genre in small and mid-sized communities”

We know that documentary films have the power to educate, to generate empathy, and to build participation models. They are a detailed and informative resource and they create a perfect environment for bringing people together and for provoking a dialogue. Through the web of alternative locations in the country, KineDok wishes to make documentary film available to those interested in this cinema genre and in the social, political, and cultural issues from all around the world. KineDok’s documentaries are directed towards both the cinephile audience, as well as the non-cinephile one from various small and mid-sized cities, and they want to help certain communities to connect and to understand their own identity and specific issues better.

The debate aims to explore the social and cultural changes engendered by documentary cinema, with a focus on small and mid-sized communities. It will be targeted at models for changing behaviours, beliefs, and values in a group, a system, or a community, and it will start from the experience and the practices of the Romanian and the foreign guests.

Maciej Nowicki is the director of Watch Docs Festival from Poland. Since 2003 the festival developed Traveling Film Festival WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film, an itinerant program which facilitates the organization of screenings for the documentaries in the festival in over 30 cities from Poland.

Radu Ciorniciuc is a special correspondent, cofounder of the Journalist’s House – a community of independent reporters -, and a film director. The movie ACASĂ - MY HOME will be part of the catalogue of KineDok’s 7th edition and represents his debut as a documentary film director.

Valer Simion Cosma is a doctor in history, research scientist at the County Museum of History and Art in Zalău, and president of the Center for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World. He is the founder of the following programs: Telciu Summer Conferences (2012), the Telciu Summer School (2016), and of the artistic creation and research residency platform Picked from Telciu (2018). 

Work meeting with the local KineDok partners

During the festival takes place the annual work meeting with the local KineDok partners in the country, those who host the project and devotedly organize screenings of documentary films in their communities. Together with them we prepare the seventh edition of KineDok and we work out the screenings plan for the following year.

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THE FESTIVAL WAS CREATED IN 2008 BY: Czech Centre Bucharest

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