KineDoK is a program which promotes documentary cinema in unconventional locations and it is organized in seven partner countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Norway, Bulgaria, and Romania.

A common catalogue of films is created, where each partner country contributes with some of the most interesting documentaries produced in recent years, which end up being screened throughout the year in hundreds of locations in all seven territories, generating an impressive viewer community. An important objective of the project is to diversify and extend the distribution chain beyond traditional cinemas, by organizing screenings in any space that has the potential of turning a film into a community experience (galleries, museums, bars, public libraries, cultural centers etc.). The cinematic experience is enhanced through discussions with filmmakers, producers, protagonists and experts on issues generated by the films, consequently encouraging social dialogue and developing an active viewer community.

Each edition of KineDok brings to the audience’s attention a new selection of documentary films of significant impact, as well as an online catalogue with documentaries from the previous editions, which will be available on  

During the 15th edition of the festival KineDok organizes two special events:

Debate – ”Turning libraries into cultural hubs”

The debate focuses on investigating the methods through which Romanian libraries can be turned into cultural hubs that promote and facilitate the access to documentary film culture. Libraries have a significant role to play in the integration of culture into the day-to-day life, in the communities they are a part of. 

Starting from the practices employed by both Romanian and foreign guests, we will discuss various concrete examples of European models aimed at transforming libraries into genuine cultural centers, where young people and adults have access to a varied offer of books, press materials, films, as well as cultural and educational programs. 


Judita Ragauskaite is the coordinator of the human rights documentary film festival ”Inconvenient Films” from Vilnius, Lithuania. Founded in 2007 as an annual cinema event, it is currently the largest documentary film festival in the country and over the years it has developed various programs aimed at promoting documentary cinema in schools and libraries. 

Claudia Șerbănuță is a library specialist with an international experience in the support of modern library services for community development. She has a PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Between 2014-2016 Claudia served as an interim director of the National Library of Romania. During the last four years, she has worked at the Progress Foundation Romania as a Community Development Manager for national and international programs centered on promoting the democratic access to education. Claudia Șerbănuță is one of the main organizers of the Occupy Library international conference and a member of EduCaB Romania.

Tilman Scheel is the Managing Director and  Founder of Reelport GmbH. Born 1970 Tilman studied art history and law. In 2001 Tilman became a lawyer with Arthur Andersen/Ernst&Young consultants, his areas of expertise being company and media law. In 2004 Tilman founded the reelport GmbH, a VoD service for the film industry, providing partners like the European Film Academy with state of the art video solutions. In 2017 Tilman founded AVA, the leading VoD service for public and university libraries in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Serbia. 

Work meeting with the local KineDok partners

During the festival takes place the annual work meeting with the local KineDok partners in the country, those who host the project and devotedly organize screenings of documentary films in their communities. Together with them we prepare the seventh edition of KineDok and we work out the screenings plan for the following year.