The International Docuemntary Film and Human Rights Festival One World Romania visits Timisoara with a local edition of the Bucharest festival. On the screens of Cinema Victoria and Faber, between October 13-16, 2022, a carefully chosen selection of the films that were part of the 15th edition of the festival will be projected.

The main theme of the 2022 edition is also reflected in the projections in the western part of the country, covering the mind-body-nature triad in a holistic way, observing the ways in which the three aspects collaborate and influence each other. We discuss the notion of ecology from the perspective of the individual, as well as the environment, be it natural or built. We also cover migration, diversity, tolerance, justice and the ways in which justice can help us regulate a sustainable economic system and the impact that our jobs and economic activities have on the environment, our mental and physical health. In addition to the screenings, One World Romania hosts several side events that are relevant to the cultural and social context of the Timisoara community.