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Documentary films at the library
Media education through documentary films at the library” is the most recent educational project organized by the One World Romania Association. Starting from the idea that “reading” a movie is in many ways similar to reading a book, the project consciously takes a step towards raising the general public’s image analysis skills, with human-rights-oriented documentary films as a didactic material. 

The project will unfold in two phases: the first one focuses on media literacy through documentary film workshops addressed to librarians from three counties (Dâmbovița, Tulcea, and Gorj), which will take place over the next three months. The second phase will support and encourage librarians who have participated in the workshops to hold screenings and events for the libraries’ local public. 

In order to enhance the content of these workshops through active learning methods, OWR Association’s resources concerning human-rights-oriented documentary cinema enters into dialogue with Mediawise Society’s media literacy expertise, in the context of an interdisciplinary endeavour.