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Ross McElwee studied cinema in the United States in the early seventies, with Richard Leacock among others. It was a time when lighter and smaller cameras were more readily available, but also for major sync-sound improvements: there was no longer a need for a big film crew. This “one-man-crew” approach (with Ross McElwee even doubling as an editor) will become the first characteristic (marque de fabrique) of his completely unique cinematic style.

The second one lies in his understanding, very early on, of the fact that he and his family - as well as their native South - would become part of his films as emblematic and universal figures. They are not only about them (even though anchoring to their lives helps embody what is questioned in all McElwee’s films): each film is a mirror that he is placing in front of us, and it talks about us as well.

His own character’s self-irony is certainly the third characteristic: McElwee makes us laugh with him at his filmic persona - he is extremely funny! - and throughout his entire oeuvre, his character enables us to explore very deep social questions, racial issues, the Southern heritage, white masculinity, but also family, adulthood, parenthood, the search for one’s identity, for love or for work. By making us laugh, he manages to open a space within ourselves: without even realising it, we are actively thinking, reflecting and problematizing everything McElwee puts in front of us - his quest becomes our quest.

Each of Ross McElwee's films stands alone as a separate work of art, but they are all strongly linked to one another, spanning over a period of more than 35 years. To have the opportunity to watch them chronologically, in a row, is one of the greatest pleasures a cinephile could indulge in. We warmly recommend this experience to you!

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